Medical services

Our operations in the health industry stem from our experience in the insurance field. The sector of the medical services expanded in such a way allowing it to operate independently. Offerings in the sector include integral solutions geared towards wellbeing, especially for families.

Salud SA

1993 - Salud SA

Salud S.A is the leading company in prepaid medical care in Ecuador. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, caring for the health of each customer and delivering superior service is their mission.

2006 - Veris

Veris is the country's largest private chain of medical centers. It provides integral medical care solutions for its customers.

2006 - Sentinel

A company offering support to businesses in the oral health field.
Medisystem Holding

2007 - Medisystem Holding

A holding company that offers support to health care and medical assistance businesses.

2020 - Novulis

A B Corp certified social enterprise that facilitates dental health care for people lacking access through an innovative network of mobile and permanent oral health clinics. In addition, it features the first Dental Clinic in the Americas, where one “has their dental health taken care of while helping those who need the most”.