Five decades of steady growth

Our leaders have paved the way ahead and their examples are our source of inspiration. Strategic planning and an aligned team are vital for building on their legacies.

Roque Sevilla

Roque Sevilla Larrea

Founder | Board President

Mr. Roque Sevilla is an example of a corporate leader with a holistic profile and a profound vision for business. He is the key person behind the ever-growing Grupo Futuro. Mr. Sevilla, a public figure and opinion leader, now offers his strategic mentoring as the President of Grupo Futuro’s administrative board. His career in public service stands out: he has served as a mayor in Quito, National Forestry Director, and a constituent assemblyman.

We create new opportunities through innovation, commitment and hard work.

We lead the lists of Ecuador’s most influential economic groups, and we are among the big tax contributors in the country.

Juan Carlos Berrú

Juan Carlos Berrú de la Torre

General Manager | Grupo Futuro

Juan Carlos Berrú is the current General Manager of Grupo Futuro. With an experience in finance, he uses his leadership skills and integral approach to align the company strategies. Mr. Berrú also works with the Fundación Futuro to promote the preservation and sustainable management of the Andean Chocó. He leverages the Fondo de Carbono, a fund developed to manage the offset of carbon footprint in the region in a responsible and transparent manner.


Ignacio Paz Vázquez

Chief Financial Officer


Juán Moisés Pascual

Chief Technology Officer


Andrés Eduardo Guarderas

Chief Sinergy Officer

We have built a role model for corporate management

Our guidelines focus on age, gender diversity, and a multidisciplinary approach. We also have a generational change-over plan underpinning our ideals, and by doing so, we have become a benchmark in corporate management.

2023–2024 Board

  • Members:
  • Roque Sevilla Larrea
  • Fernando Navarro
  • Luis Romero
  • Fernando Terneus
  • Joaquín Zevallos
  • Alternate Members:
  • Daniel Hidalgo
  • Diana Correa
  • Miguel Sevilla
  • Oscar Brahm
  • Caridad Vela
Gobernanza de Grupo Futuro