A positive outlook underpins Grupo Futuro’s success
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Grupo Futuro is a leading holding company in Ecuador

Grupo Futuro was born in 1973 from the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. A strategic approach has been an integral part of its success. As a holding company, it has leading businesses in the fields of insurance, medical services, tourism, agrotechnology and clean energy. A solid foundation and steady pace mark the way forward for the ever expanding Grupo Futuro.

"The future will be very different from what we project today, so we must have a very strong ability to adapt.”
Roque Sevilla
Founder and President
of Grupo Futuro

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We live our values

Our philosophy shapes our functioning as a business. A cooperative culture sits at the core of what we do. That is a value held by each one of our members, a community of more than 4,000 diverse and unique collaborators.
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Creating values is what sets us apart

Our impact is immense. We are committed to national development through our business practices, creating opportunities across the various sectors where we operate.
The numbers don’t lie: they reveal the transformative power of innovation, in which we have turned our ideas into tangible results.

Empresas 20

Companies under
Grupo Futuro

Impuestos $13.1M

Taxes paid
in 2021

Facturación $586M


Empleados 4669


Powered by innovation

Quality is the key word that runs through all the companies under Grupo Futuro, with strategic planning being at the base of our operations. As a business, we bet on the comparative advantages of Ecuador when it comes to investing in new industries.

We are committed to the future generations

Giving back to society is critical for us. Fundación Futuro is a sustainability program that runs several different initiatives. One of these initiatives focuses on climate change mitigation. We aim to preserve the fragile ecosystems in Ecuador, while reducing the environmental footprint on the planet.